Please note: We ceased doing the tools exporting business. Currently, the existence of this website is to provide some knowledge and product information.

We are a reliable diamond blade supplier

Welcome to our website! We are an exporter in China. We hope to introduce good diamond saw blades, diamond segment, and other diamond tools and tool products made in China to customers all over the world.

We carefully select our supply factories in China. They should be honest and normative. This can make our products' quality reliable. Also, we retain our prices at a very low level.

We supply diamond blades in many types and quality grades. Some of our high grade professional laser welded diamond blades have been rated as "Top Grade" products by a testing center in France. Many other our diamond blades and diamond tools are also very popular in many markets for their reliable quality and low prices.

In addition to good products, we also provide related tips, knowledge and industry watch on this website. We think these should be useful to our customers.

Currently, we only accept orders no smaller than 10,000 USD. Before placing this order, you can first buy just a few samples to test.

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Why we're Special

We are a trader, not a manufacturer. There are at least below reasons which make us special:

  • Our supply factories are reliable and honest.

  • Our prices are low.

  • We integrate the products of our supply factories to satisfy our customers' various requirements.

  • We have good professional knowledge to provide good solutions.

  • We do our best to give our customers good services.

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