Please note:
We ceased doing the tools exporting business. Currently, the existence of this website is to provide some knowledge and product information.

Information of Us

We are an exporter in China. We hope to introduce good diamond tools and other cutting tools made in China to customers all over the world.

We carefully select our supply factories in China. They should be honest and normative. We have established good cooperation relationships with many of them. These factories have good quality controls. For example, one of the diamond tool factories is ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system certified, and it introduced good laser welding machines from a German company — “Dr. Fritsch”.

These factories can provide reliable products in different grades. Though different grade products have different prices–the higher grade the higher price, all our products have high performance-price ratios. There are three main reasons, we think, which make these factories’ production costs at low level. Firstly, these factories’ production technologies have reached a certain level, and develop continually; secondly, the human resource cost is currently lower in China than in many other countries; lastly, production efficiencies in these factories are high. As an exporter, we are confident to satisfy our customers’ different requirements by providing products with appropriate grades and features, and then lower their costs.

Integrity and Sincerity are our values. We will definitely not substitute low grade products for high grade products to deceive our customers. We dedicate ourselves to providing good products and services, and try to establish long term win-win cooperation relationships with our customers.

Our products, currently, are mainly diamond tools, for example, various diamond saw blades, diamond cup grinding wheels, diamond polishing pads and diamond core drill bits. We have labeled their quality grades. Welcome to check these and contact us to learn more information and/or inquire the prices. We can deliver our products to almost all the countries and regions on the Earth.

Some Words About China’s Tool Industry

Although with its current technology and manufacture level, there is still a certain distance for it to walk to catch the world’s advanced level in the production of high end products, the tool industry in China has made big progresses in the passed many years. In the mainstream products, various product quality grades, from the high to the low, have been formed. These different grade products are aimed at different working requirements, and have been able to well satisfy them. These products already have a large market share in China, and plenty of them are exported overseas. We think that, along with the rapid development of China’s economy and the constantly improved requirements of domestic and overseas markets, the tool industry in China will progress continually and can satisfy the markets’ requirements better and better.