Some Knowledge of Diamond Segments

by Hanjiang Wang, Diamond Blade Select
November 17th, 2009. Copyright © 2008-2017. All rights reserved.

The valid working parts of metal-bonded diamond tools (e.g., the teeth of the common diamond blades) are normally called diamond segment, which is the sintered mixture of diamond grains and metal bond materials. Generally, diamond segments are made via the procedures of mixing diamond grains with bond materials, hot pressing and sintering, and arc grinding. They can be arc-shaped or rectangular.

Diamond segments have two basic functions. One is holding diamond grains; the other is wearing along with the diamonds’ wearing to let the new sharp diamonds be exposed properly. Besides having a certain hardness and wear resistance, the diamond segment’s bond should also be tough.

Diamond segments for laser welded diamond tools consist of a working layer and a transition layer. The working layer contains diamond grains for cutting or grinding, while the transition layer has no diamonds. It just consists of bond materials, and is used to connect (via welding) the working layer to the body of the diamond tool.

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