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Diamond Segment

  • The diamond segment of diamond saw blades can be produced as a separate product. It can be welded (usually by silver brazing or laser welding) onto the body of the blade to form the complete diamond saw blade. There are various types of diamond segments, including the ones used on diamond gang saws.

  • Diamond segments used on large diamond circular saw blades or diamond gang saws for cutting stones can be layered and have some non-working layers separating the working layers. The working layers contain the common materials of diamond segments, including diamonds and metal bonding materials, while the non-working layers are usually made of metal powders. This design can increase the sharpness of the diamond segment, and lower its production cost.

  • As the nature of different stones like granite, marble, sandstone, basalt is different, and there are also some sub-types of one kind of stone, for example, granite has sub-types such as white granite, grey granite, and black granite, the diamond segment can be designed different to cut these different stones. The bonding materials and diamonds used in these diamond segments can be different. General-purposed diamond segments can also be made, and they can be used to cut some different stones.

  • Diamond segments can be made to be various shapes, including rectangular, tapered, step-shaped, and some other shapes. The shape of the diamond segment influence the diamond blade‚Äôs cutting efficiency, capabilities of containing and discharging sawdust, and the cooling and lubricating conditions.

  • The diamond segment has many quality grades (from high grade to economical grade) to meet various requirements. Their lifespan is usually measured by the segments’ cutting area, i.e., cutting depth multiplies cutting length. Usually, diamond segments can also be made according to target prices.

  • Diamond Segments for Diamond Circular Saw Blades
    Diamond Segments for Diamond Circular Saw Blades