Please note: We ceased doing the tools exporting business. Currently, the existence of this website is to provide some knowledge and product information.

Sintered Diamond Blades

Price as Low as 0.667 USD/pc!
  • These are wholly sintered diamond saw blades, which can be used to cut tiles, ceramics, granite, marble, concrete, asphalt, and many other building materials.

  • These sintered diamond blades have two types: cold-pressed ones and hot-pressed ones. Cold-pressed blades are cheaper and are suitable for many applications. Hot-pressed blades’ diamond segments (the cutting edge) are denser, and the segments’ alloying is more enough, so the blades’ service life is longer.

  • Besides what are listed below, sintered diamond blades, particularly their diamond segments (their cutting edges), can have many styles. You are welcome to let us know the styles of the blades you need.

  • We also supply various laser welded or silver brazed diamond saw blades.

  • Continuous Rim Diamond Saw Blade Segmented Diamond Saw Blade
    Continuous Rim Diamond Saw Blades Segmented Diamond Saw Blades
    Turbo Diamond Saw Blade Turbo Wave Diamond Saw Blade
    Turbo Diamond Saw Blades Turbo Wave Diamond Saw Blades