Diamond Saw Blades Selecting Advisor

The diamond saw blades we say here are those that have diamond segments as their cutting edges. This kind of blade is commonly-sighted and is usually used in the construction industry to cut stone, concrete, asphalt, bricks, ceramics and other building materials.

If you fail to select a suitable diamond saw blade for your application, you may not get your ideal work efficiency or enough yield of the blade, or may spend unnecessary expenses. Here, we give some aspects you can consider when you are selecting your diamond blades. After you choose your answers to these questions, our suggestions can be seen.

1. Is your diamond saw blades' diameter smaller than or equal to 400 mm and your cutting process is not of very high load and high intensity?

2. Are your diamond saw blades ONLY for wet cutting?

3. What's the hardness of the materials you want to cut?

4. Is your saw machine's horsepower big or small?

5. What feature of the diamond saw blades do you pay more attention to?

6. Do you need your diamond saw blades to make less noise?

There are many factors which influence a diamond saw blade's features and quality. To select a blade that fit your application, you can consider our above questions and advises and give your supplier enough information about your cutting. At the beginning you can buy just a few samples to test if the blade can actually meet your requirements.

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