Wet or Dry Diamond Core Drill Bits

December 20th, 2010

Diamond core drill bits can be either laser welded or silver brazed. Silver brazed diamond core drill bits can only be used in wet drilling. If they are used in dry drilling, their diamond segments may break off from their steel tube and may cause security issues.

Laser welded diamond core drill bits can be used in both wet drilling and dry drilling, and are now more popular. However, not all materials are suitable to be drilled dryly. If very hard materials, e.g., reinforced concrete, are drilled without water, the excessive heat generated may cause the diamonds on the core bit to become blunt, and then lead to poor drilling performance.

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Advantages of Laser Welded Diamond Core Drill Bits

December 18th, 2010

There are mainly two kinds of diamond core drill bits: laser welded ones and silver brazed ones.

For silver brazed diamond core bits, their diamond segments are brazed onto the steel tube of the core bit with silver solder. Comparing with laser welded diamond core bits, their production technology is simpler and they are cheaper, but the bonding strength between their diamond segments and their steel tube is lower, and they cannot be used in dry drilling, because if the temperature generated in the drilling process exceeds 600°C, the silver solder may melt and then the diamond segments may fall off the steel tube. Water should always be used to cool the silver brazed core bits when drilling.

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