Wholly Sintered, Silver Brazed and Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blades

June 12th, 2010

Perhaps the most commonly sighted diamond circular saw blades are the sintered metal-bonded ones, on which diamonds are mixed and sintered with metal bond materials to form the blades’ cutting edge — diamond segment. Normally, these blades are made via 3 methods: wholly sintering, silver brazing and laser welding. The diamond blades made via these 3 methods are different and have their respective features and applications.

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Advantages of Laser Welding in Diamond Tools’ Manufacture contrasted with Brazing

August 23rd, 2009

In the diamond tools’ manufacture, brazing is a welding method using silver solder slices to stick segments to the diamond tool’s body. It is a physical combination. It not only consumes expensive silver solder slices, but has other disadvantages, such as low welding speed and big welding deformation. More importantly, its welding toughness is not very high. When the temperature of the diamond tool’s working part rises to a high degree in the job, the welding positions will get looser, and the segments may even fall off and cause a safety problem.

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