How to Select Diamond Cup Wheels for Concrete Grinding

by Hanjiang Wang, Diamond Blade Select
December 21st, 2009. Copyright © 2008-2017. All rights reserved.

Diamond grinding has many benefits. It is fast, low-noise and low-cost. It is very popular in the construction and home improvement industry. Diamond cup wheels are the diamond grinding tool which is often used to grind concrete, stone and masonry materials.

When deciding what kind of diamond cup wheels should be adopted in your application, you should first examine the hardness and nature of the concrete (or other materials) you are going to grind. If the concrete is hard, the bond of the diamond cup wheel should be softer. Because diamonds are apt to become blunt when grinding hard concrete. The softer bond can be worn down with the blunt diamonds faster, and then make new diamonds beneath be more easily exposed to participate in cutting the hard concrete. If the concrete is relatively softer, the bond should be harder. For diamonds can last longer when grinding softer concrete. The harder bond wears slower, so that it can hold the diamonds longer. This can make better use of the diamonds and prolong the cup wheel’s service life.

There are normally two phases in concrete (and other materials) grinding. The first is coarse grinding and the second is fine grinding (sometimes be called polishing). The two phases need also different diamond cup wheels.

For coarse grinding, the bond should be softer and the diamond toughness should be higher, because in this case the diamonds are more easily to become blunt. The diamond grit should be bigger, normally from 35 grit to 50 grit. For this is coarse grinding and big grit can improve working efficiency. The diamond concentration can be lower.

For fine grinding or polishing, the bond should be harder and the diamond toughness can be lower, for in this case the diamonds can last longer and hard bond can also help the precision of the processing. The diamond grit is normally between 80 grit to 120 grit, depending on practical requirements. The diamond concentration should be higher.

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