Tips on Choosing Proper Diamond Concrete Saw Blades

by Hanjiang Wang, Diamond Blade Select
December 15th, 2010. Copyright © 2008-2017. All rights reserved.

When choosing a diamond concrete saw blade, you should consider not only its quality, but also whether its features can fit your application. Otherwise, it may not cut your concrete well even if it is a high quality blade.

We give some tips from the following four aspects:

1. The type of the concrete and its properties

Concrete has many types, whose properties are different. The features of your diamond saw blade should match these properties. You can investigate the following points about the concrete:

  • If there are steel bars in the concrete (reinforced concrete often has steel bars in it, while concrete road normally has no steel bar), and if yes, how big the diameter of the steel bars is.

  • The grade of the cement used in the concrete.

  • The stone aggregate of the concrete (whether it is pebble, crushed rock or other stone) and its size, and the type of the sand of the concrete (sharp sand is more abrasive than round sand).

  • The curing time of the concrete (whether the concrete is still green concrete or cured concrete already).

2. Always consider performing wet cutting

As concrete is usually very hard (especially the reinforced concrete) or abrasive, diamond concrete saw blades are normally used in wet cutting with adequate water supply. If they cut without water for a certain period of time (the period may vary), the diamond segment itself may break or the steel core below the segment may wear and break even if the laser weld connecting the segment and steel core does not break. And then the segment may fly out and may hurt the operator or people nearby.

So diamond concrete saw blades usually have a wetting cutting design even if they are laser welded. This design mainly refers to the formula of the bond materials and diamonds adopted.

Adequate water in wet cutting is also good for the diamond concrete saw blades to be used until their lifespan designed.

If for some reason (e.g., there is no water source near your work area) you have to perform dry cutting, you can tell this to your supplier and he can provide you with sharper diamond blades. Dry cutting should be intermittent and shallow (you can perform several passes of shallow cuttings to gain a deep cut) to keep the blade cool.

3. Whether you prefer faster cutting or longer lifespan

The basic cutting speed of your diamond concrete saw blades should be first ensured. On this basis, you can consider whether you need your saw blades to have even faster cutting or longer lifespan.

Softer bond, lower diamond concentration or/and bigger diamond size can let your diamond saw blades cut your concrete faster, while harder bond, higher diamond concentration or/and smaller diamond size will make your saw blades have a longer lifespan.

4. The horsepower of your concrete saw machine

If the horsepower of your concrete saw machine is big or small, you should consider letting your diamond saw blades have different design.

If your concrete saw machine’s horsepower is big, the diamond concentration of the diamond saw blade should be higher, or its bond should be harder. The reason is that when the diamond saw blade is used on a big-powered saw machine, the diamonds on the blade will receive bigger impact. Higher diamond concentration means more diamonds on the blade’s cutting surface. This will decrease the impact on a single diamond. Harder bond can hold the diamonds more firmly.

If your machine’s horsepower is small, the diamond concentration of the diamond saw blade should be lower, or its bond should be softer. Lower diamond concentration or softer bond will cause the diamond saw blade to become sharper, otherwise your saw machine may not drive the diamond saw blade to reach the required cutting speed or even perform the cutting task.

You can tell these detailed information to your diamond saw blade supplier. Good suppliers should know what kind of diamond saw blade can meet your needs, and if that blade is not available at that time, they should be able to custom the proper diamond saw blade for you.

Certainly, when choosing your diamond concrete saw blades, there are still some basic issues you should consider, for example, what diameters of the blades your concrete saw machine can accommodate, and its arbor size.

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